Privacy Policy

Turn-A-Tech recognizes the importance of protecting your privacy. When you browse our website, we want you to feel comfortable. Our privacy policy reflects our concern for the privacy of all of your information. . We value our professional relationship
Turn-A-Tech does NOT share your information with any third-party company. (Including names, addresses, phone numbers, or e-mail addresses) available to any other third-party company. The information you share with us via e-mail or forms online is used to respond directly to your request.
Other online learners can read information or messages you submit in chat rooms or bulletin boards. Therefore, do not submit confidential or restricted information. Please remember that comments submitted by other students represent their opinions. Those opinions do not necessarily reflect those of Turn-A-Tech. For more information about the Student Conduct Policy on the website, please see the School Catalog.
Although Turn-A-Tech utilizes industry-standard security measures to protect your personal information that you have provide to us. However, Turn-A-Tech does not guarantee that your submissions to our website will be completely secure.