Turn-A-Tech Testimonials
Our graduates keep in touch with us so that we can know how their lives have improved since they completed our course.

Turn-A-Tech graduates are well prepared for the real workplace because they are confident and competent. The best compliment is a referral or testimonial from a past student. Some students have shared their experience. Here’s what they had to say:

  • “ At the age of 41, being out of school for 20 years while being a full time mom of 4 children,
  • Turn-A-Tech gave me the opportunity to become a professional, I now work part time as a Pharmacy Technician and enjoy the taking the kids to afterschool activities.

  • - Kim G. CPhT

  • “ I can’t say thank you enough to Turn-A-Tech for giving Julia the opportunity to become a Pharmacy tech. Now I have peace of mind knowing that Julia will have a great career and that she will be able to provide for herself and her daughter. She is so happy and proud of her accomplishment and so am I. She can only go up from here.”
    - John S.(Julia’s Dad)  and Julia S. CPhT &Tatiana (Julia’s daughter too)
  • I enrolled in Turn-A-Tech’s Pharmacy Tech program in the summer of 2010 to help me get on track with a new career. I took the ExCPT exam and became a Registered Certified Rx Tech (RCPhT) within 3 months ! Now I work with CVS. Thanks Turn-A-Tech
  • - Alexandra M. R.CPhT